Girl Poop Embarrassed

Shit Long Creamy Load In Public Park

I’m in my car and park in a public park with people walking by. I need to shit and there’s no bathroom near by so I get in my backseat of my car and pull down my pants get a bag and begin to shit and A THICK LONG CREAMY LOAD COMES OUT and it’s VERY LONG it slides down the bag and falls on my floor and I show u the load AND ITS SO WARM I SHOW THE STEAM COMING FROM MY LOAD there’s so much and it gets everywhere!!!! People are still walking by and jogging and I hope I don’t get caught or did I ?

Treatment Of Colds With Shit

I a little sick, had a cold. Having refused traditional treatment, I developed the method of treatment, treatment shit. Is shit it doesn’t taste nasty, I begin to understand why my shit-eater so loves and craves all the time to eat my shit. I miss him, and spend my evenings making shit molds, thinking about how I’m gonna shit in him. And he smacks, chews and swallows all my shit.

Depilation Of A Human Toilet

Depilations can be very amusing if you perform them with others, so Domi has her fun before the slave fulfils his actual task and Domi serves as a living toilet. As a full toilet, he gets a wicked tampon put in his mouth and then is allowed to swallow piss, shit and vomit. Domi uses it just like a normal toilet.

Italian Breakfast

Are you hungry slave? I know you are. Follow me, on your knees! That’s right you are a dog and now I will make your breakfast. Stay down and watch me how I make your Italian breakfast. You can smell how tasty is it. Open your fucking mouth and start eating! This would be our breakfast and your dinner every day! You should be getting used to it!