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Kazusa Is A Turd Empress – Part 2

Kazusa’s butthole shivered from the gigantic enema she was getting from the Master. Her asshole immediately shot out a fountain of shit-stained water, and made the air even more powerful and musty than it was before. Her shit was almost liquid now and was releasing the most wonderful smell all around the room. Fingers covered with poo, Kazusa busied herself with gagging and sucking the Master’s hard cock while he moaned at the messy wonderland that was Kazusa. Kazusa couldn’t believe how warm and slippery she had become from spreading all her turd all over her body. She felt unbelievably wet as the Master fucked her relentlessly, fucking her stinky pussy with his turd-slathered dick.

Higher Humiliation 2

Higher humiliation 2. Lisa rested on the sea but returned again and our toilet slave should now serve her needs in the toilet. The girls have prepared – excellent! They were stuffed with smelly crap and the slave had to eat everything. Girls ass dumping shit in turn, he was tormented and it was hard for him ..


Today I shit in a wetlook leggings which has a zipper from front to back. I squat on a bowl and shit in the bowl today I have a little diarrhea

Hard Super Long Turd

167.86 NOW from Italy a warm and hard super long turd, this is a selfy i made this morning 30 april 2014. Why it is so long and so beautifull? Because i eat a lot of spaghetti yestreday evening!!!! Taste italian spaghetti from my ass! You must see, it is almost 8 inch with no break.. and more!!!