Girl Poop Farta

Open Mouth And Eat, Pig!

I hope you’re excited to be “fed” by your Mistress. I’ll be making you my hot, steaming shit dinner for the evening. I will tease you with my ass and wet pussy. I know how hungry you must be, how much you must be looking forward to me feeding you a special delicious shit again. I absolutely love feeding you, babe. The first time you told me you wanted to eat my shit, I was shocked… I’m so turned on knowing how obsessed you are with my ass and shit. I shit your dinner in your fucking mouth… your tongue is even better than toilet paper, honey! I’ll wear gloves and shove all the contents inside you. And what could be better for you?

My Chocolate Very Close

I hold my asshole very close to the camera and just push it out for you

Mistress Emily – Scat Impressions

Here is a toilet slave come to me, which would also serve me as a living toilet! So I invited him and he had to lie down under my ass so I could test him. At first Ill give him to kiss and suck my shoes and my feet. I spits into his slaves mouth and he had to swallow my spit. Then I sit on his face and smothering him with my ass, he has lick my asshole. Then I pooped and pissed him into his mouth! My divine shit sausage was fell right there. He also had to stuff all my shit into his mouth, chewing and swallowing until he had eaten all my shit. He has eaten all my shit and thus passed my toilet slaves test! He can serve me as my toilet!