Girl Poop Homemade

Shitty Andrea

Hot and sweet Andrea doing a big big poo

Two Toilets For Three Ladies

Rosella brought her friend Mara-Martinez to Contessa Calucci. Mara was announced as an enthusiastic donor of pee and caviar. Since a toilet could easily clog, Contessa has a second toilet slave for security. In hindsight, a good idea. Because the portions of pee and shit that donates Mara, are well worth seeing. In any case, both slaves have plenty to swallow than Rosella, Mara and Contessa shit in their mouths.

Adelina Frau – Live Toilet

I love to shit in slave mouths! In this video there is a live toilet, which I use for his purpose. It’s eating my shit! I shit him directly in the mouth, stuff everything inside. Nasty smell in his mouth spreads to his nose. He loves it so much. Afterwards I just sit on his face with my big shitty ass. He must swallow all my shit, otherwise he will suffocate …

Mean Mistress Trains New Scat Slave! – Part 2 Hd Only

She makes the girl lick her soiled asshole clean! Then she picks up some crushed food and rubs it all over the poor girl’s face!