Girl Poop Out Door

Foot Slave Turned Toilet Slave

Is it my pathetic little foot bitch again? Have you come crawling back to see even more? You want to see more of my shoes, my feet, all of your favorite things. Well, good. I want you to come crawling back. But this time, I have another task for you. Not only do I want you to worship my feet today, but I also want you to become my toilet slave. Are you ready to lick my dirty asshole, just like you lick these little piggies? I’m going to take you into my dirty, nasty utility bathroom. There, I want you to get on your fucking knees and eat all of the shit that comes out of my ass. All of that shit going straight down your throat. Mmmm, sounds like a delicious dinner doesn’t it? While you are in there, I want you to keep your eyes down. You’re either looking at the shit coming out of my ass, or you’re staring at my fucking feet. You’re not allowed to look up. Do NOT make eye contact with me. Do you understand me? Yes. That’s a good pet. We understand the rules then right? You’re going to become such an obedient toilet slave as well as my little foot bitch. Follow me into the bathroom…

Mistress Roberta – Fast Food In Bed-pov

Today your breakfast is very much like fast food short and fast just ready to be eaten a creamy shit soaked in pee over the paper is your breakfast in bed today you will eat it also from there and squeeze all the goodies out of the paper after you lick clean my ass hole .

Shitting In The Bathroom Sink

Shitting in the bathroom sink (JJ000321)

Peed My Jeans

I got a special request to post a clip of me in a pair of my tight jeans … so here it is! I walk around the bathroom a bit and show off the tight jeans on my ass, I think about peeing in the toilet, but then instead I pull the jeans back up and let all that pressure go! I was amazed at how much I had held onto – you will see it wetting my jeans all the way down to my toes and hear it splashing on the floor!