Girl Poopinflg


An intimate view of a dense poop!Close-up ending. Multiple angles (PiP).

Sable’s Vacation Bubbleguts!!

My homegirl Sable has been away from the office on vacation the past week. Enjoy as she shared some of her daily dumps with us from that trip! Looks like the food overseas didn’t sit well in her stomach, Enjoy some nice loose dumps in the first two scenes. She even goes Reverse Kanga in the Middle two clips. Then enjoy a nice sharty, gassy bubbleguts session in the final scene!! A Hot new FUNKY Dozen from my newest lady!! It’s still amazing how open my girl is to sharing her Dooty with us all!!

Diarrhea At The Beach

During a short hike on the beach of the Ardeche, I suddenly feel a huge pressure in my gut. Only one thing can help. Squat and shoot my shit out into the nature. This time a fairly fluid pleasure. Facilitating. I hope no one has been watching me.


Ofy has sexy big and hairy ass and shitting hot;)