Girl Pooping All Over Herself

Loser Eat My Shit

You think that using a toilet slave is a very difficult and unacceptable task. Tell me, what could be simpler than shitting the slave’s mouth and getting paid. His my money! I almost always shit in the mouth of my slave and he is grateful to me for that. God, how its sweet. He’s just a cutie. Thanks for my shit ))) Shit comes out all at once and makes a lovely pattern on the part of his body. I look back down at the slave and he seems so pathetic. And as if my fragrant, semi-liquid offering was not enough to beautify its face, I even add my spit.

New Diarrhea Eater

I have new slave! And He is very hungry this morning. Too bad for him that I have diarrhea and he is my toilet. But there is no coming back for him. He is tied up under my toilet seat and I command him to lick my boots and clean them with his tongue. His breakfast is on the way so I make him open his mouth and take all liquid shit and swallow them! His mouth is full of my nasty shit! How delicious, isn’t it?- Eat slave, eat all and say thank you to your mistress! Ou this is not all, I have to take a pee in his mouth too. -Drink slave, drink my piss and clean my ass! He is a very good toilet and I will use him again soon.

Private Party! – Part 2

The girls take turns having their asses licked and sucked to prime for some shitting later on. After a while, the girls sit on the toilets and dump right into the boys’ mouths and make them eat every nugget of scat.