Girl Pooping And Fucks

Mistress Gaia – Teasing Treat

My slave has been waiting for me to arrive, he’s exiced to be with me and I know he enjoys eating my delicious shit. I sit on the bed and tease him for a while as I’m not quite ready to give him his treat. As he licks my shoes, I tell him that today he is going to enjoy his snack and must be patient. I then remove my jeans and sit over his face allowing him to smell my pussy as I continue to tease and taunt him. It’s time for his treat and I remove my panties and once again let him smell my scented and beautiful ass. I tell him to open his mouth to be ready to receive my delicious shit. As I relieve my shit into his mouth, my bitch has to make sure he chews and swallows all of it. I then sit on his face to give him a extra thrill, as he desperately tries to breathe while chewing on my delicious shit. He’s such a fortunate slut to enjoy a delicious teasing treat while under the beautiful ass of Mistress Gaia…

Peeing In The Bucket

Peeing in the bucket (JJ000650)

Training For Being A Toilet (part2)

Now we go a step further. First his peehole is stretched with sounds, then I slowly adapt him to my scat. He must hold his hands and gets a load on them. Now smell it and taste with his tongue. So much restraint and humiliation lets him shiver. In the end he is allowed to wash his hands with my warm pee. We will see, how long it takes, to make you a good toilet!