Girl Pooping At Restourant

Mistress Gaia – Optimum Trainer

This new recruit will do anything for Me, I’ll test him, he will have to drink all my piss and eat completely my shit … I wonder if he will be able to do it!

Morning Smelly Diarrhea With Fart In The Toilet

Morning smelly diarrhea with fart in the toilet

Full Mouth Of Diarrhea In Bath Tube

Again a good toilet mouth is working just fine to receive Godess Diarrhea. My mistress put me in bathtub and order me to keep my dirty mouth wide open to can use it for defecation and for golden shower. She fill it first with hot pee and then she let a nice stream of diarrhea into my mouth. She order me to get my tongue out from shit and clean her asshole until i get all the shit from her insides . ..

Toilet Slave

I use my slave as human toilet today, naturally! He gets filled up with my piss.