Girl Pooping In Elevator

Human Slave Brutally Fed With Piss And Pussy! – Full Movie

Out of exhaustion from work, this man wanders into the wrong apartment on his way home! The only time he realizes his mistake is after he strips off his clothes and couldn’t find garments that are his! It is by then that he took a closer look at the area and finds a woman just looking at him! Before he could grab his things, she drags him into a different room where she lays him on the floor and smothers him with her crotch! Shortly after, she takes off her panties and feeds him with her pussy! By the time he is grasping for his breath, she puts him on a couch where she proceeds to bury his face in between her ass! When she later wanted more, she starts urinating on him! Once she could no longer release anymore, she rubs her vagina on his mouth, making him lick and eat it clean! Eventually, while in the middle of doing so, she takes off her remaining garments, rendering her completely naked! The only time she stops with having her vagina orally pleasured is when she is convinced that she is completely satisfied!

Toilet In Chastity

This is his toilet hell and I am his devil! Stick that tongue into my ass, further, further; be prepared to eat whatever gifts I may have for you–be prepared to eat all my gifts tonight, toilet!

Peeing On Her Foot

Peeing on her foot (JJ000115)

Horny Vixen Fucks Herself With Dildos In The Urinal! – Part 2

She asks another bitch to pee on her, giving her a healthy fix of warm pee. She bends over and makes the bitch use the dildos to stretch her cunt real wide.