Girl Pooping In Pink Panties

Tasting Shit Stew! – Part 2

She eats it off the plate or she places the sauce on a plastic bag and she drinks it from there! She also uses her scat as toppings for other dishes! That’s how much she loves her shit!

Pee Compilation

4 pee compilation videos, of peeing in different angles and different places. I pee in a bathtub, pee in a toilet, pee in the kitchen sink and pee in a cup.

Shitting In Her Sleep!

Peeing in bed like a baby is too tame for this girl sleeping soundly in her bed. In her state of slumber, she lets out a smelly wet fart and makes her panties damp. A few moments later, shit spurts from her assshole, scattering feces all over her panties and spilling into the bed. She goes on with her sleeping as if nothing is happening.

Pee And Scat Feeding

Lady Princess is sitting with me in the kitchen, we talk and eat a bit. We did not want to walk the way to the toilet, so we took a bowl and then used our scat and pee in it for feeding our slave. Very useful! *smile*