Girl Pooping In Undies

Shit In Vacation P5

Now housework is announced. The toilet slave of the Scatqueens has to do the dishes while Mistress Michelle and Lady Angie are sitting right behind them eating something. In order for the slave to have a harder time working, Mistress Michelle binds him one leg up. So he has to stand on one leg. The Scatqueens laugh and watch the slave. Then Mistress Michelle has to poop. So the slave laying on the ground, mouth open. Then the shit swells out of the asshole directly into the mouth of the toilet slaves. Enjoy your meal.

My Mistresses Piss, Puke, And Shit All Over Me – Part 1

They piss on a cup and make me drink it to the last drop! They poke their throats with their fingers and puke today’s lunch all over my pathetic body!

Unloading Smelly Scat!

I can’t walk anymore but I still have needs. Right now, I need to get my fetish fix and have someone shit on my face. This pretty intern seems submissive enough to do my bidding. So I order her to sit on the chair above me and unload her smelly scat, everything she got! She pushes out soft but solid turd, which directly fell on my mouth. I chewed on her shit like a kid eating his favorite candy.

College Girl Prestin With Sexy Ass Shits On The Green Plate

College girl Prestin with sexy ass shits on the green plate