Girl Pooping Out Giant Turds

Shit In Wetlook Panties

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Culumpio Download Event Part 7 Britany

The Slave needs to be fed with Poop and Diana had the Fantastic Idea, to feed him from The hanging Chair. as she had done previously without Cameras. It has our Famous Split Screen and in Addition an Angle from Underneath. The Perfect Setup.English Subtitles

Francesca’s Diarrhea At Denny’s!!!

Francesca loves pancakes, but pancakes don’t love her!! She has to go shit almost immediately after having breakfast at Denny’s one Sunday Morning, and decided it was a perfect time to takes us in there and straight blow up their toilet!! She hovers over the bowl Reverse kanga style to give you a lovely view of her juicy ass as that runny shit falls out! Man what an explosion and a mess!! I wish I was the attendant that had to clean that shit up!! She caused such a mess it took her a good while to clean her ass – she even had to use Seat covers instead of toilet paper!! Francesca is getting Funky for real now!!