Girl Pooping Part

Finally, Once Again Pooping For A Good Cause

Tomas, here comes your sausage! I know you’re waiting for it! Now also look, as I open my asshole for you! It’s all DEINS!

Bikini Poop

The huge “KAIDENCE KING” text in the GIF does not appear in the video. I’m sitting on the toilet in the bathroom wearing a sexy pink bikini. “Hey, it’s Kaidence and I’m back! I haven’t made any shitting videos for a while, but I can’t wait to shit for you right now, I need it so badly.” I strip for you, showing off my sexy body, big tits, round ass. Then I squat over the toilet and do a nice long dump. It feels so good! I show you my dirty asshole before I wipe it, then I show you the dirty toilet paper before blowing you a kiss goodbye.

Nasty Poo On The Floor!!!

Hi guys! I just woke up and had to poo bad!!! Didn’t have enough time to set up so it’s kind of an impromptu clip but Oh boy is it nasty!!! LOL I took a big ole nasty green and black shit and piss all over my floor. I was so desperate when it finally came out it felt sooo good! Anyway I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 😉

The Girl In A Blue Dress Much Shit

The girl in a blue dress much shit.