Girl Pooping Shits

Dark Phoenyx Feeds The Slave (side View)

New scat goddess Dark Phoenyx gives the slave boy the honor of eating her nasty turds. She drops some real nasty ones in his mouth and then she uses his tongue to clean her shitty asshole. She loves feeding shit boys and can be followed and contacted on twitter @dark_Phoenyx.

Mistress Andreea Enormous Meal For Toilet Slaves

Absolutelly the best huge shit delivered until now from Mistress Andreea !! She almost made a shit for more than 1 kg ! She fill a glass with her soft turds and a large plate. And all of that after she enjoy humiliate her pathetic impotnt bitch in her attic with pump and verbal humiliation. An EPIC movie you must have in your collection !!

Leopard Print Pissfest And Poop

I’m a dirty jungle cat. Give me some water in a bowl then watch me mark my territory with warm piss all over. This dirty jungle cat likes to roll around in her own piss until I’m completely soaked, hair and all. Now it’s your turn to piss on me. Piss in my mouth, piss on my face, piss on my ass, I don’t care. It turns me on so much I have to get my self off with a dildo! Suddenly I feel a rush and feel like I have to shit. My ass opens up with some soft poo and I release it on a plate.