Girl Pooping Shitting Toilet

Toilet Time 54 – 55

One of the things I’m known for is taking such massive shits that the water from the toilet bowl splash back right out of it as you’ll see in the 6th photo. I guess you can say it my trademark, a girl taking such massive shits that she gives a regular bathroom toilet a run for it’s money. It’s such a turn on knowing how many men out there is watching me shit, it’s very special for me to share this with you. At the end as the last creamy turd slid out of my asshole you are in perfect view to see streams of pee running out of my pussy – From Toilet Time 54Thick, rich & creamy turds I let out in this one, and a lot of them too. Had quite a nasty smell as well. What I love the most about these thick & creamy ones are as they slide out of my ass they curl back up. As a girl it’s very special for me sharing such a private moment with you. Makes me feel so naughty knowing many men all over the world see in close-up view how I’m taking a shit, my turds sliding out of my asshole for all of you to see 🙂 – From Toilet Time 55Be sure to check out my other videos including my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

You Under Me Boy

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Mistress Michelle- Kaviar Knebel P2

Here Mistress Michelle feeds the toilet slave who lies to her feet and with their heels. He begins to chew and swallow, but he does not make much. Mistress Michelle pulls on gloves and stuffs the shit downright in the mouth of this toilet slave. Then Mistress Michelle makes the slave a caviar gag and begins to wrap his mouth with foil. Tied up and stuffed with an inflatable dildo the slave must wait.

Anabelle Wants To Pee For You

Anabelle is a sweet cutie! She likes to play with guys and knows what she needs to do to make them horny. And she also knows that you like to watch young girls while they need to pee! She is a little bit shy but because of your fetish she still tries to pee right in front of you! She knows that your eyes are lying on her – especially her pussy of course! Then – slowly some drips of pee leave her pussy. From time to time a small ray leaves her pussy too – but you can easily see how shy she is, knowing that you watch her! Wow – that’s soo cute overall!