Girl Pooping The Bed

Lady Joice First Time P1

Mistress Michelle is presenting her Girlfriend Lady Joice on of her toilet slaves. The slave has the task for today to build up some shelves. But first of all he has to lick clean the shoes of Lady Joice who is amused about the scene and he gets a hard faceslap from Mistress Michelle. Then he has to prepare the toilet seat in front of the ladies and lie under the seat with an open mouth. The first Lady who is used the toilet seat is Lady Joice who is peeing into the mouth of the toilet slave and laugh about it. Shortly after she is watching how Mistress Michelle is shitting and pissing into the same mouth too.


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Scat Gang Bang Pt2

Second part and end of my gang bang scato, the 4 guys continue to use me like toilet urinal and empty balls … I fill their ass with milk that they expel in my mouth of slut, they fist my pussy during I suck their dicks and they ejaculate all in my mouth … I ended up all stained with shit piss and sperm … I loved being their urinal, toilet and empty balls and I had several orgasms During this gang bang

Mia Kinky And Her Girlfriends….

Wonder why so many girls are shit-kinky….Here is the answer, a fantastic movie of girls really into pooping, loving to show guys their poo!!!!