Girl Pooping Wet Poo

Toilet Slave Training Ep.3

Today with the third episode Mistress Giorgia Divine decides to make it clear to his slave that it is time to be humiliated and degraded so heavy.The slave must wait for his mistress in the bathroom, stark naked and lying in the tub.Meanwhile Mistress is mirrored and is beautiful when it comes time to pee. The Mistress decides to get on the tub edge and begins a beautiful and abundant piss on the slave’s penis into this humiliating position.Not happy over the piss, began to insult and mock slave and tortures him in the nipples, you clean with toilet paper toilet slave and order him to open his mouth to hold the toilet paper used by the Mistress. The slave is now totally abandoned to his mistress, who continues to insult him and meanwhile began to spit on him, and in the face. The slave, who in the meantime is left in the tank covered with piss and spitting Mistress, begins to feel the real outhouse of his Mistress

18 Y.o. Sleeping Shitgirl

A fantastic newcomer, dreamloving Shitgirl, brunette beautiful hair, fantastic turd coming out of the ass!! – dont miss this beauty!!


Elen naughty running diareeah in tight jeans;)