Girl Poops And Pees All Over Face

Diarrhea Outdoor

I ate something spoiled and now my stomach twists. I like to use my toilet outdoors. Especially when there are no way to endure and want to be relieved from the shit. I have a lot of shit, I feel a huge release, as if a few pounds of shit come out of my ass. It’s all yours, loser! You will also see how I thrust the gherkins and grapes into my ass. Do you want to lick my ass? Really? Yes, it’s your duty, my toilet.

Eat My Stiff Poo, Toilet!

You like being my toilet, slave? Excitedly watching as I shit whenever I want, and you get to obsess over each turd and eat it up? Oh, you really love to eat my shit, yeah?. It’s all you’re good for. It’s a great treat! And you get to eat my shit every time. Are you lucky you have a Mistress to clean up her ass hole? You better lick my feet and heels and my pretty ass too, loser. These thick, massive poop and monster turds are all for you. Swallow it faster, toilet! I don’t want to feel this nasty smell

Very Thick Pissbeam And Too Much Shitting

I lie on the chair in my very sexy Tangs and i Piss a very very high,thick and long Pissbeam…..then i make you very horny,i shitting a sausage and too much Shit Pralines!! im so horny when i Piss and shit…..

Shittin In Full Back Panties

Her she is shitting in full back white panties as requested. Here you can see the shit trying to push through her panties. She makes sounds that will make your dick hard instantly. Tune in for a treat at the end. also check out part 2