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Master Mike And His Toilet – Story Continue Part 1

For the fifth time, Master Mike continues to train his toilet slave. Today the toilet boy arrives in Master Mike’s dungeon for getting new tasks : anal training by taking a hand in his ass, anal fucked, cock sucking, deepthroating master cock, spanking and pissing in mouth ! Another great bisexual toilet movie recorded from 2 angles. Price is decent for the 47min. This is part 1

Toilet Slave For Lady Yuna

Lady Yuna has once again a merciless lesson for her toilet slave. The slave is lying on the ground and I squat over his face. In order to guarantee that he can swallow everything, I put a funnel into his mouth. Finally, I piss and I shit right into the mouth. He has no choice but to swallow everything. His gagging excites me. Because of a lot of pee in his mouth, the brown mass slips down his throat. As a reward, I jerk his cock until he cums in the high arch. At the latest, you can see how much he liked it.

He Is Peeing On Her

He is peeing on her (JJ000023)

Lesbians Scatology Experience! – Full Movie

Full movie? Experienced lesbians experiment on their first step to scatology world and I must say it is absolutely stunning! Watch them as they both make out, drink loads of piss from each other and exchanges shit eating from each others digested food! Great movie a must watch.