Girl Poops On Scall

Mistress Roberta – Dirty Socks And Lots Of Shit-full

Today my pot will taste my one week dirty socks plus an extra floor dust as my new house is remodelating and i do have a great deal of dirt for him so i call him and order to worship and clean my dirty socks.After talking some with my pot i rder him to arrage the place and first i order him to kiss my ass and after a while i remove my pants and i pee in his mouth and after i shit and take a part of the shit spread it on his cock and body smearing him all with shit and after he is cleaning all he must clean also the dirty socks.

Mistress Anna – How I Cook And Fart

HOW I COOKI let you see my beautiful ass through spandex pants and you get to drink in the supple curvature of my torso as it gracefully blends into my hips. You are allowed to experience my farts POV. Then I serve you a meal directly on to your plate as you see the chief’s moist masterpiece delivered from the source, my perfect ass. I squat over the plate in high heals so my toned, quivering ass hangs over the plate so you can imagine yourself on hands and knees, head to the floor as if praying to my asshole—as you should. You will masturbate furiously as the camera brings you so far beneath my ass that you see the succulent and unattainable lips of my pussy. The magnificent presentation is shown from two different angles, but don’t pop your penis pus (cum) just yet! The shit is enormous—just what you deserve. And then you get to hear my voice ordering you to consume. Then I bring in my regular slave so you can fantasize about being in his place as toilet paper. It takes its place on the floor as my hour glass figure alights on its face to be served. Having no further use for its face I reward it by dumping the plate of rich, creamy goodness on his mouth. The disappointing pig allows it to slide off of its mouth so I am obliged to help him even beyond the point of my usual generosity and manually reapply my bounty to its face, being sure to cover its mouth and nose to incentivize proper consumption. With its hands behind its back it does at least engage in some amusing struggles to breathe. Be sure to eat your cum when you finish masturbating to this video. The self-loathing you feel consuming your own sperm will give you some way to experience my contempt for TOILETS LIKE YOU!

Taco Bell Mmm…

I had to pee really bad but someone was in the bathroom. While relieving my self in a bucket I started to poop. It was loose with little clumps.I guess eating Combo Beef burritos from Taco Bell was a great idea. Loose poop like to be stubborn so I grabbed the Hitachi to help me push out the rest.