Girl Poops Outdoor Concert

2 Close-up!

2 Close-up! The first was Amina – in her shit there were a lot of seeds from grapes, which crunched loudly in my mouth. Amina did not visit the toilet for 4 days and for me it was very difficult! I really wanted this, but when Amina started feeding I realized that it was terribly nasty and difficult! When Amina left I felt relieved, but Cristina entered the room and I was waiting for a new smelly test!

Next Slave, Pissing In His Mouth!

Here I pissed one of my toilet slave in his mouth. Then he had to lick my pussy clean. This has made him so hot that I wanted to torment him. So I laid with wide spread legs in front of him and jerked my pussy until I squirts. And he was not allowed to lick my pussy and even to collect my pussy juice!

Shitting Into The Glass For F.

So, my dear! Here I ropes you a beautiful, brown, firm sausage in my now empty Nutella jar:-) And it’s you become fully enough ??? Your nose kannste as well as poke, so close I think it is you under the camera:-)