Girl Poops Turd

Real Scat Breakfast

What about breakfast for two? Look here, I prepared a glass of morning urine (an unforgettable taste and aroma, exactly what I love) and I also shit a HUGE plate of my sweet shit (it is really sweet, since I ate a lot of sweets on these holidays) and I can add some of mine to you saliva, I know bitch, you love when I spit on your breakfast) Fragrant ass, and a unique show with smearing shit on the face comes in a breakfast!) lol! so what? Do you accept my treat?

Pin Up Party 4 / 4

The highlight of the Pin Up Party in the Femdom Empire Lady Vampira used their slaves for Facesitting and as live toilet, the the golden rain, which couldn’t stop wants to record, with the mouth! But before the Servant with kicks in the eggs and hard Faceslapping tortured!

Enema And Big Shit!

Daisy pats her stomach with her hand, showing just how bloated she is. She’s obviously full and needs to give herself an emema to get all the shit out.’If the shit won’t come out itself, then I’ll bring it out!’A regular girl would probably then go and sit on the toilet, but a seriously dirty girl like Daisy just pulls her jeans back up over her shapely butt! She knows what’s gonna hapen, but she needs to feel it inside her pants!Then in a big juicy squelchy fart, the back of Daisy’s jeans quickly darken, followed by lots more bubbly farts, as the enema and then the poop empty into her jeans.’OMG, oh my tummy!’ Daisy’s tummy hurts, but there is also that wonderful feeling of relief and the glorious warmth of shit in her pants.’Oh yes! I shit my pants but I don’t care! That feels so good – I love it… the mess! Fuck yeah!’Daisy is such a filthy girl!

Poop For A Good Cause, For Users F.

Here’s your shit, my dear F. Look at what I put together here shit out of my ass for you. .. Legs up and view on the asshole and the result on the floor including