Girl Putting Poop In Her Vagina

Mistress Roberta -pooping Standing Wearing Over The Knee Leather Boots-pov

Today i have on only an blouse and my over the knee leather boots on and i will poop directly on the wooden floor an little pawn of pee and a long trail of shit with seeds and diverse inside so get on your kneese and lick it all clean slave your breakfast for this morning is a bit black 🙂 !

The Shit Eater Comes To Late P1

Both Scatqueens have small bowl already filled well with spit. With a short command he swallows the hole spit from the Scatqueens. Now the slave must go in shit eater position and lie down. But before his mouth is filled up with shit, the ladies tramples at him and even spits in his slaves face and his slaves mouth. Then Lady Domi has to poop and fills the mouth of the slaves with their shit.

Mistress Gaia – Scat Dog Bowl Slut – Hd Version

I have my scat slut in my dungeon for a couple of hours. He’s going to experience some of my delightful pleasures. I have him on a leash just to make sure he obeys me. I begin with him licking my shoes, it’s a good discipline for any slave. There are two dog bowls, one for my piss and the other for my shit. This slut is going to drink, and eat, until both bowls are licked nice and clean. I’m also going to use my strapon on him. Making sure his ass is opened nice and wide for me. I do enjoy those squeals as I go all the way in. I get him to sit on the strapon, buttplug style. It’s amusing to see him suffer. Then I feed him my shit, making sure he chews and swallows it. I allow him to masturbate with his cum over my shit in the bowl, and instruct him to eat all of it. What a lucky SLUT…