Girl Self Poops Her

How It All Began

I was walking through the woods and saw a guy that seemed familiar. Calling it I just made sure that I saw it on the website BDSM toilet slave. I decided to use it directly in nature. He was afraid that he knew, but couldn’t resist my onslaught. I put him down and shit in his mouth, and then I realized that I like it. And since then he became my Toilet Shit eater

Mistress Gaia – While Feeling The Smell, Lick!

Look at the shit as it comes out of my ass: soft, compact and warm. It does not seem to you to savor its fragrant scent through the screen? So, while you feel the smell, lick!

I Shit On You

🙂 camera to be under my wc and I sit on the toilet lid and half leave it 🙂 Luckily fall times not taken the camera 🙂 🙂 Horny recording including my comments, as always