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We Have A New Young Lady – Mrs. Jessica!

Mia spent this night at the club, where she met Jessica. Mia easily found a common language with this beautiful girl. Mia told Jessica that she had a slave to be used instead of a toilet, and she pissed and shit into his mouth. Jessica confessed to Mia that she dreamt of her own slave, whom she would torment, beat and humiliate. Jessica certainly did not believe Mia that she had a slave, but Mia offered her to come home and use the hungry slave. She agreed with a smile, and friends went to the Mia’s house. Jessica noticed the slave, was very surprised and at the same time was delighted and immediately asked Mia to take this toy for a day. Jessica told that she dreamt to wake up every morning and instead of morning gymnastics just to beat the man and shit in his mouth. Mia said that she needed to think. And until then she can shit into the slave’s mouth. And Jessica did. Mia, of course, also delivered a whole bunch of delicious chocolate into the slave’s mouth. Jessica told the slave that next time she would not only place shit into his mouth, but also brutally beat him. She would also invite girlfriends to feed him with shit. To be continued …

Goddess Roberta – Enema Directly Into Throat

Another nice and bizarre movie with Goddess Roberta and her pathetic toilet !!! Goddess Roberta continue the toilet slave training today with a enema and piss drinking, combined with foot fetish, farting and feeding her kaviar. She put her toilet boy under her asshole, very close to her labia and asshole, and begin to release a slowly diarrhea and piss, ditly into her slave mouth. He chew and keep her diarrhea inside his mouth until Goddess Roberta doing herself 3 enemas ! She also fill his mouth with water and shit from her asshole ! She oblige him also to smear her diarrhea from the floor and lick it and suck it ! Next week Goddess Roberta promises to a good friend of her that they will use and humiliate both sametime her toilet boy.

Lady In Red Toilet Training Her Slave! – Full Movie

Ah, the things you do for love! This dude adores his girl so much he’s willing to do anything, ANYTHING, to win her everlasting love. Even if this means puking on him on a regular basis, whenever the mood strikes her, it’s perfectly okay with him. He’ll even tolerate her shitting on him. He loves her THAT much!

Pissing In The Shower, Full

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