Girl Shit And Fucked

Brazilian Fox 4

This is one of the older Brazilian Fox videos when she was younger. She starts off with a nice striptease, fingers her asshole, and finally takes a nice shit. She attempts to lick her own shit.

Ass Cleaner Toilet Paper

I don’t have much time today and I really need to take a big shit! My slave is waiting under my ass as usually and I will shit directly in his mouth! My ass hole dirty after shit, and I will make him clean it with his tongue. He is a slave for everything – toilet, toilet paper, shoe cleaner and shit eater. He is non human – he is a toilet!

Desperate Girl Shits On The Road Side!

Right in the middle of the worst traffic ever when her stomach starts grumbling loudly, soon accompanied with sharp pains in her abdomen. She has to shit and she has to shit NOW! So she has no choice but to take another path leading out of the city and pulls over the side of the road. Clad only in her bikini, she sits on the grass and shits on the grass, sticky clumps crawling out of her bikini bottom.