Girl Shit At Bathtub

How Much Shit Can You Eat

I have a horny piss session with Lady Laura onto the slave. A big fan of mine and my Scat-ToiletSlavery videos, had invited me to a bathroom because we should shitting him there, in his mouth. That was a great wish from him, so he invited me and my girlfriend so that we could shit his mouth full. And I do it for his money. I shit this guy a huge pile, of my divine shit, in his mouth and I then just let him lye. Let’s see how much shit he can eat )) It is completely degraded. Lol

Drink My Pee Slave – 12

I love to see my worm drinking my pee… This time I pissed in a champagne flut, then I order him to drink it all!

Funnel Puke! – Part 2

The girls use a funnel to get their puke straight to his mouth. The man was incredibly receptive even with the amount of puke he is being made to swallow.

Mistress Roberta -breakfast In The Living Room -pov

Today your breakfst fresh and hot as always will be served in the living room on the floor so first i pee in a jar almost full and after i sit to poop but more and more pee is comming out first and after that a little mountain of hot and creamy shit is waiting for you next to the jar and the toilet paper, enjoy!