Girl Shit At Bowl

First Facesitting Then Pee

Lady Elaysa in her second horny Facesitting clip. The slave is a very happy cattle when he realizes that Elaysa has only a thin pantyhose with which she sits directly in his face. He gets no air but can enjoy the smell of her ass. Elaysa leaves him a breath of fresh air and looks forward to the little surprise that she holds. When she does, she takes off her pantyhose and pisses the slave in the face. The loser has to swallow the warm piss and then clean the floor. >> ReviewI got a beautiful facesitting once again from Elaysa. This time, Elaysa wanted something more and it was her first time pee directly into a slaves mouth. I absolutely wanted to be the first slave for Elaysas piss. I tried to swallow everything as far as I could. What I had not done, I could still suck from a cloth. Since I already had a lot of piss from the other ladies, it was for me the most delicious piss I could swallow. I wish I could drink this every day.

Mistress Roberta White Stockings And Shit Feeding

Mistress Roberta just finished the last movie for February. She call her slave and order him to worship her new white stockings. Slave is still in chastity, and if he will satisfy his Goddess needs, maybe he will be released for a cumshot, but maybe….Mistress Roberta that use her toilet as urinal then shitting right in his throat. She tied her stockings on his face at the end and waiting for slave to finish his fresh meal.

The Power Of Scatqueens P2

First, the slave must prove us that he is a real human toilet and he has to chew and swallow the complete second pile of shit. It takes a short time. He only needs to put the pile in his toilet mouth, so that he can swallow it. Then Lady Amy and Lady Grace again pissing in his mouths washed itself and of course the third pile, served by Lady Grace, but then she fills up the toilet mouth over the top. Well then, again, enjoy the shit toilet slave.

Ms Jenkins’ Bombs Away!!

Ms Jenkins decided to take the Aerial Approach to drop bombs like saddam!!! This was a 1st class ASSault!! Good lawd enjoy as she drops some serious turds and pee while squatting over the toilet!! I swear Ms Jenkins like she told me last week ?When I gotta go, I gotta go!? She gets right to it with yet another All killer, No filter explosion!!