Girl Shit Big Turd

Dirty Dildo Shit

Starts out with this hot girl putting a big dildo in her ass and getting it dirty, she then shits on the floor and fist her dirty ass afterwards. She speaks throughout the video.

Princess Mia

1.Mia The most beautiful girl in our studioFaceslapping Facesitting Spitting Pissing Kicking Domination2.humiliation,Facesitting,Scat,Piss,Shit,Smearing

Lil Stink’s Newest Potty Fix

Here’s a quick ‘fix’ for you Stink fanatics – you know who you are!! I get so many inquiries about her and its crazy!! Well anyways here’s a nice four clip set of peeing, pooting, and Pooping clips! I mean look at her though!! Close fit like they were made EXACTLY for her, lovely skin, and she’s so damn pretty! So how can I get mad when she lets us glimpse behind the bathroom door at her? She’s that girl I know for most of her fans that they see out in the street or the club headed to the ladies room and think ‘damn I wish I could be invincible and be there to watch!!’ Well this is your opportunity!! But trust it can get gassy and funky up in there!!