Girl Shit Her On Herself

Scat And Pee

the slave girl has to piss and shit

Enema And Poop Smearing Punishment! – Full Movie

Full Movie – At the end of the class, this sweetheart is brought to the principal’s office by her professor! She has no idea why but she abides by it since she isn’t suspecting anything! That would be a wrong choice since upon entry into the office, she is immediately taken advantage by the two men! Apparently, they are aroused and she is someone they have been lusting over for quite some time now! To make things worse, the men have a fetish for poop! As a result, she is later given an enema, leaving her with no choice but to defecate into a bowl! It doesn’t end there, she then gets her top unbuttoned, consequently exposing her pair of massive tits! After which, the feces are smeared all over her body as well as her face! By the time the men get satisfied with the dirty fetish, they concentrate their attention on rubbing a vibrator on the sweetheart’s pussy, leaving her moaning from the pleasure! Though, shortly after, that later turns to moans of contradiction since she is given with another round of enema! After she makes her massive release, her vagina is pleasured with a vibrator again! By the time she is soaking wet, the guys take turns fucking her! In the process, she gets repeatedly repositioned and smeared of her poop! The only time the situation ends is when both the men reach orgasm and cum!

Wife & Mistress Against Man! – Part 1

They corner him in the house and they take turns spitting on and kicking him! They take turns standing over his body and showering him with warm piss!

Two Times Pissing

just another two scenes of Princess Rachel Evans pissing on her slave Toto