Girl Shit In My Mouth

Eat And Shew My Shit

This is the absolute hardest humiliation and punishment. The slave must eat absolutely everything I have prepared for him. I love to shit in slave mouths! But in this video I shit on plate and feeding the slave with my feces. I stand in the doggy style and give a more fat smelly turds for the slave. I put the shit him directly in the mouth, stuff everything inside. After that everything must be chewed fine. So that the aroma in his mouth spreads to his nose. I can feel his nose gasping. After he has eaten all my shit he must clean my ass with his tongue. I repeat – it is absolute hardest humiliation and punishment for my slave and he loves it!

Shitting On Her Tits

Shitting on her tits (JJ000555)

Ayanna’s Grunting, Plopping, Straining, And Fingering At Work!!

Gotta lova Ayanna!! When she go break, she BREAK!! Like the Great Bernie Mac would say, lls! Enjoy as she takes another long potty break to go break off all the grunting, plopping and straining we love!! ENjoy as she describes what go her in that predicament. Looks like she went through more grunting and straining that the ploppin in this one. She even tries to finger out some more logz to no luck. Let?s just hope she washes her stinky hands before going back to work!!!