Girl Shit On Another Girl

Girl Pissing Big Jet

Girl pissing big jet.

Risking Outdoor Pantypoop

I was staying at home when my sis called me and told me she gave birth.I was so excited,dressed up myself very quickly and went put.I need to poop immediately but thought I would be bale to hold it till I get to the hospital.Outside I was so scared Im gonna shit in my panties cause the rush to poop was getting bigger and bigger.Ive could hold it any longer!!!! I JUST POOPED MYSELF OUTDOOR!I was so ashamed and embarrased!People were walking around me but no one understood what was going on in my panties.I got so horny walking alone outside with my big messy panties.I started touching and smashing the poop and found one staicase where I cum with my messy panties!!!!A day to remember


Victoria is naughty peeing and pooping for you;)