Girl Shit On Uy

Girls Also Shit 7 Days A Week

Girls also poop, constantly, daily, day after day. And it is shit don’t smell like roses. But it is so tempting and fascinating, the process of purification, relief, emptying. I present to you my friend, 7 movies in one. She shit all week, day after day for You. It’s amazing how the natural process can be so beautiful.

Mistress Roberta – Caning And Feeding My Pot – Full

Today my pot is dareing too much he feels like is ok to ask but do nothing in return so i punish him for asking some of my water takeing the cane and give him some educational pain all over his body, on the palms, inner tights, every sensitive place i know will be hit by my cane. While i sit on his face i told him he haves to breath only when i alow him and after i pee on his face and after i shit directly in his mouth i wipe my ass and shove all the shit and the wipeing paper in his mouth and he pushes them out so i order to him to smear his face with the shit and i start to humiliate him because he always waist my shit.

Kimchi Shits

I had chili garlic tofu and kimchi last night for dinner. LetÂ’s just say it has come to take revenge. I have been editing clips all day and I really have to poop by this point. I take you with me to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. Oh, it BURNS! The poop cramps are very painful and you can tell I am in agony taking this shit! I hope you enjoy me suffering on the toilet.