Girl Shit Over Her Self

305. Shitting On A Dildo By Mistress Isabella

Perfect video for you! Do you like to have a COCK CONTROL with your dick full of shit? The video is in Italian language but i think everyone can undersatnd!!!! Pissing, shitting, spitting, dildos’ torture….(also one farting!)… mp4

Mistress Roberta – Waking Up To Feed You -pov

This morning i am waking up while i am preparing your breakfast on the toilet first i pee then i poo, after i wipe my ass and wish you bon apetit !

Piss Drink 12

Bizzarrlady Jessica has brought some Mozartkugeln at its visit. This wanted to eat it just when Joschi enters and wanted to come to clean to which the room. The divine empress then orders it immediately to clean the floor with the tongue. Joschi throws itself to the ground and polishes the dirty parquet floor with the tongue. It then orders to put himself down to it on the back. It it goes and stands with the legs apart over it and a Mozartkugel puts itself into the arse, only around it then be directly of its arse into this like his again mouth to shit. A beam of its golden nectar follows the Mozartkugel. Lady Jessica gives him an order, which to keep the mouth open has and does her whole bubble piss for it straight into the mouth. Joschi must drink everything. But Joschi cannot take everything, some of its piss fills for it by the full mouth and the drink reflex at the cheeks down with its mouth. When it has ready pissed the remaining therefore orders it to him on all fours to lick varnishes piss from the ground. And Joschi licks the whole piss from the ground. Währenddessen steckt sie ihm noch eine weitere Mozartkugel in seinen Arsch, die er dann vor laufender Kamera rauskacken muss.Meanwhile, it still tells it another Mozartkugel into its arse, rauskacken then must the in front of a running camera.

P – Pee Drinking – 08 – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480 time 1:49. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.