Girl Shit Thong

Just Woke Up

I am waking up and feel that i need to piss and shit so i do it right down on the floor from the bed.

Alina Pooping In Mouth Of A Toilet Slave And Throwing Shit In Mouth

Today Alina was in a good mood! She decided to play with her personal toilet slave like a dog. Alina pooping him in the mouth, then she made a shit ball and threw a slave into her mouth – the slave must catch the ball from the shit and bring it in his mouth and hand it in his hand.

Three Bunches Part2

Because like you have seen at the first part of the movie how cowardly this Toilet is, Lady Grace and Lady Katherina decided to boost it. They feed this Toilet with the complete three bunches, and really plug his chops with scat. Almost his whole face is capped with scat afterwards because there’s is so much available. Anyway, neatly swallowing toilets are really rare.


Elina is sexy running messy huge diareeah with big hole and teasing you with sexy big soles!