Girl Shiting Mouth Tube

Toilet Time 58 – 59

Had quite a gassy shit in this one. If you enjoy watching a girl take a shit with farts trapped in between her soft creamy turds & hearing them escape loudly this video is a must have! It’s such a turn on taking these big shits knowing there’s so many guys out there watching my turds slide out of my asshole and hearing my loud breathing & grunts.Not many girls are willing to take big shits for the world to see but in my case I love knowing there’s so many guys out there watching me take these big shits on the toilet. It’s such a huge turn-on knowing there so many of you watching – From Toilet Time 58Great soft shit, mixed diarrhea with loud breathing & grunting from yours truly. Yes, us girls get upset stomachs as well and I was kind enough to wipe in full view for you so you can see exactly how very dirty & smeared my asshole was with my nasty shit – From Toilet Time 59

Girlfriend Makes Boyfriend Suffer With Piss Fetish!

A couple is making good use of their spare time by getting naughty with each other! However, little does the man know, it is only the sweetheart who is going to enjoy the entire scenario! After a period of intimate and passionate kissing, the lady lays the man on the floor and then, without warning, urinates into his mouth! Caught off-guard, he is left with no choice but to drink and swallow all of the woman’s piss! This goes on until the sweetheart could no longer release anymore!

Quick Shit

I used my slave nicely again. In this clip I fart and made a quick shit into his toilet mouth. Slave likes to enjoy my fart, chews all the shit well and swallows everything properly. The best thing he eats, smells and inhales is the fragrance of my shit!

Human Toilet And Human Bidet!

Here we have another episode from the human toilet. Here we have a stranger who comes to release her scat into the mouth of the public human toilet. After filling his mouth, she gets cleaned and pleasured by the tongue of a human bidet!