Girl Shits Every Were

Uro In My Boots

– Grinding, twerking- Naked- Ebony- Natural F cup- Uro / Pee- You are looking at me from the toilet

Uniformed Sweetheart Hides And Urinates!

The office where this lady works has no available comfort room so what she does is she always resists the urge to urinate. However, in this situation, that is not a choice! She has drank too much water and she really needs to relieve herself! So she finds an ideal place to piss on! Lucky for her, she finds a secluded corner that has an opening on the floor! So she then takes off her panties and begins urinating in the hole! Since she has a full bladder, it took some time before she completely finishes!

Cigarette On The Toilet

Smoking a cig while I take a shit, and show you the final product!

Toilet Slave’s Aerobic Lessons Part 1

The Princess Team in a Workout and the Toilet Slave has to go where he is needed. Mainly yo poop into him. Part 1 with Britany. English Subtitles