Girl Shits In Mall

Liquid Shit In Your Mouth

You dream of getting my brown chocolate and my delicious champagne right in your mouth? Then this video is just right for you.You may lick me a little. Then I urge you to open your mouth and serve you my creamy shit and my piss right in your mouth. Of course you have to clean me afterwards.That does not quite work out yet, but practice finally makes the master.You can wank your cock. With this taste and smell experience, your pleasure is limitless.

Drink It All 1

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Vegas Toilet Tour

I spent a week in Las Vegas in several different hotels. I decided I would give you a tour of at least one room … the bathroom! I invite you in to listen and watch while I take several shits in each hotel. Some good nasty farts and some loud wet plops and of course you get to see my shitty wipes when I clean up.