Girl Shits In Mini Skert Public

Drink And Eat It All!

I want a cup of coffee, and I order my pathetic toilet slave to make me one, and bring a glass for himself. I have a plan for his glass off course, and it is not water. So when he arrives I tell him it is time for him to taste my precious champagne. I fill up a big glass, and make him drink every drop. When he is done, I fill it one more time, again with a clear message to drink everything!But I have more for him, he also need to eat, so I have him lay down on the floor. I make him smell his source of food, and I smother him with my pussy. I make sure his mouth is wide open and push several pieces into his toilet mouth. When I am done, I make it clear that he need to eat it all! He should consider it a privilege eating form my Princess body! When he have consumed all the shit I make him clean my ass, and smell to make sure it is clean!

Cleaning And Toilet Service

Miss Jane finds a cleaning slave in the restrooms, who has just started to clean the shower. She noted that the rest of the bathroom still is filthy and decides that the slave has to serve as her toilet. He has to open his mouth and is used by her simply as a full toilet, she pisses and shits into his open mouth, then she commands to clean everything completely with his mouth.

Chantal And Her Old Friend (part 2)

I visit my old friend again to use him as a toilet. The old man prepared everything as I ordered. Directly with his head under the toilet, my pee runs into his mouth. Ooops ? a bit of poo is there too? So he has something to chew *grin*.