Girl Shits Load

Madame Du B Farts,plops, And Splash

Big booty scat goddess Madame Du B performs her morning ritual of release her divine chocolate into her toilet bowl. She shows off that beautiful booty of hers then bends over and delivers some smelly farts, followed by some nice heavy turds that plop and splash in the toilet bowl. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed.

The Shit On The Feet

To become a real wc it takes time …Today, the toilet slave of Mistress Giorgia is humiliated in this way:The Mistress decides to put her four-legged slave and begins a peculiar shit … on the slave’s feet.The slave is totally humiliated and at the disposal of his Mistress who, to enjoy himself more and more, begins to pull the slave balls, causing him to tremble.Everything resumed minutely as only bizarre Mistress Giorgia can do

Dirty Cucumberfuck

cucmber and chocolate ,-)

Dramatic Turn During Filming, Please Let Me Go

This is one of our best Movies and it did turn dramatic. The Slave from Europe cried and screamed, please no more, I can’t take it, to much, to much please…But the Girls showed no Mercy, you swallow this from all 6 of us. The recently invented Metal Plate by our Engineers, that keeps you from closing your Mouth, Headlock in a Steel Form, that made the perfect Setup, just keep shitting into him.All 6 Parts and English Subtitles