Girl Shits On Laptop

Queen Sylvy’s Smokin’ And Stankin!!

New Week, same FUNK!! Queen Sylvy has fast become one of my personal favorites. These are ladies that not only do I enjoy making with, but I would just buy, buy, buy, buy their clips if I was strictly a customer!!! Sylvy caters to my “Pure Natural” kink. Forget fancy positions and locations, just allow me to watch a woman do what she does naturally on the toilet!! and what an ass to watch!!! Enjoy as this sexy Brazilian MILF brings the finest in natural toilet action as always! She begins with a gassy burst of farts and sharts followed by a lot of pee. Enjoy her classic groaning, grunting, and straining as she tries to push out even more! When she finished, she realized she wasn’t done. She returns for a second round, this time a more heavier load of bowl splashing logs. She then flips the camera back to the front to allow you to watch her grunt and strain some more out. Two more hot natural clips to add to your collection!!

Booger And Shit Eating Instructions

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I use lots of bad language in this video, calling you a cunt, fucktard, prick, wanker, pervert etc. I walk in wearing tight jeans, black suede boots and a grey top. I tell you that you’re going to be my little slave today, and you’re going to do everything I say. I start by picking my nose and putting my booger on one of my boots. I zoom in and tell you to clean it off for me. I remove my boots and make you sniff and lick my black socks. Then I show you the inside of my boots and tell you to sniff them. I pick my nose again and put my booger on my sock and tell you to clean it off. Then I remove my socks and jeans and shit right on the floor. Then I zoom in and show you the shit next to my feet. I DO NOT instruct you to eat the shit. This was a custom video and the customer did not want me to tell him to eat the shit. But I show it close up next to my feet. I show it with my bare feet, with socks on, with boots on and then I change into white socks and black mary-janes and show the shit next to my feet again. While I show you the shit, I humiliate you, telling you what a pervert you are for being turned on by this.

P – 2 Drink My Pee – 01 – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 5:55. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.