Girl Shits Onto Camera

Husband Punished With Piss Drinking! – Part 2

The man’s face is completely drenched with the sweetheart’s piss! When she couldn’t release anymore, she keeps on sitting on his face and smothering him with her crotch and ass! Eventually, while doing this, she strips off her clothes, rendering her completely naked! By then, her bladder is full and she is able to piss on the victim again! This time, she does it inside his mouth, causing him to swallow a couple of mouthfuls! When he couldn’t handle anymore but she still has more to give, she continues urinating on his body!

Pooandpee In2 Yogapants!

im in a sexy trasparence leggins and….mmm i do pee and….very much more if u know what i mean 😉 and now all my leggins is dirty and full! i must clean myself and change my leggins…ooooohhh finally im clean again and with new pants, but….wait…oh nooooo !!! pee and more again!

Pissing In Her Mouth

Pissing in her mouth (JJ000664)

Pretty Girl Shitting

Im so pretty but I have take a massive shit