Girl Shits While Ridding Foldout

Enormousshit Gift

Enormous shit from Goddess Panther’s ass! Stinky and huge gift for Nicholas Day, come closer and take it! I pee and spread my asshole wide to fart a lot!

Scat Sweetie’s Spinach Fun(k)!!

This is an unreleased classic from the vaults. Scat Sweetie and Dumping Darling were two young ladies that began on my site before I helped them open their own store on here. This is one they did before they broke off to do their own thing. Looks like Scat Sweetie had some spinach the night before. Dumping Darling follows her into the bathroom to take a dump. ENjoy as sweetie takes a HUGE dump in the toilet. Looks like a little got stuck!! Enjoy as sweetie fingers her ass to pull the rest out.

Closeup Crapping

You can look me up in the asshole. I put the camcorder in front of my asshole, so you can see everything down to the smallest detail * fg *