Girl Shitting Camera

Toilet Time 46 – 47

Few things are so special and private as a girl sitting on the toilet pooping. I LOVE bringing my moments taking a poop on the toilet to you guys like I did in this frontal view! – From Toilet Time 46I should’ve called this one “Giving Birth” Us girls get those thick, creamy and sticky turds too that takes effort to push out like these two long ones I pushed out here for you being filmed from behind. You’ll see it was a nice & big shit. Too bad, it could’ve been a meal for a starving slave. – From Toilet Time 47Be sure to check out my other videos like Eat My Pussy where my slave ate me out until I spurted my girl cum right into his mouth during orgasm! Also check out my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

Nurse Gives Patient Massive Doses Of Her Piss!

It is this sweetheart’s first day at work as a private nurse in the house of a rich man. Seeing that they are all alone and the patient completely defenseless, she takes advantage of the situation! She strips him of his clothes and then lays him on the floor on his back! After which, she fills a plastic cup with her urine and then pours it inside the victim’s open mouth! In no time, he naively gulps down every last drop of her piss! She then fills the cup again and serve it back to the man! However, he saw what she did so he becomes hesitant! Though, since he is likely going to be overpowered by the woman, he doesn’t resist and succumbs to her order! After he gulps down the contents of the second cup, he is maid to lie on the floor again and then have his face messily urinated!

Mia Masturbation And Pee

Mistress Mia masturbates with a glas dildo and strats to pee

I Can’t Pay My Rent, So My Landlady Pees On My Face! – Part 1

The bitch makes me strip and bend over, which I did willingly. She rubs her whip stick all over my body, sliding the damn thing between my legs and tapping my balls with it.