Girl Shitting In The Bath

I’ll Make You Swallow My Shit

The training of a toilet does not end with getting it to consume my divine shit. The toilet slave must be constantly pushed to lower depths so that it does not become used to the level of degradation and starts to have errant thoughts of trying to reassert its humanity. The toilet slave must go from simply being tied up beneath a toilet and serving as the hole beneath my toilet seat, to being able to serve without restraint or equipment or beatings! This time I use my slave as ashtray while I’m smoking. His mouth is meant to serve me. I enter the room in black sexy corset and make slave to lick my asshole. I sat seductively and nonchalantly on my tron. The ideal of a toilet slave is to be able to use it without spillage having all my divine essence go straight down its throat. Alas, and not surprisingly, the slave fails in its duty and leaves some on the floor for me to shove it into his dirty mouth! This is where it belongs! At least it knows its place. And what about you, new TOILET? Are you ready to serve your mistress? 😉

Mistress Roberta – Worship My Natural Feet Before Breakfast -pov

Today my toilet slave i don’t care if you like or not my feet today you will worship my natural feet in order to receive your tasty breakfast, first the pee as usual and after the poop, strong like sosages, and in the end a bit soft like diarrhea, tasty and the way you like it, enjoy!

Dominating Mistress Drenches Slaves With Piss, Puke, And Scat! – Part 1

She sits on their faces and makes the eat her cunt. She fingers her own pussy and makes them link her pussy-soaked fingers.

11.164 Long Shit Soft

11.164 This is my long shit, a very long shit, all italian shit, and very soft like an icecream! This is the perfect and easier shit to eat!