Girl Shitting Ing In Toilet

Whole Milk Bubble Guts

Since I spend most of my time drinking almond milk, when I have a huge glass of whole milk (and two slices of cake), it really does a number on my tummy! You get to lay in bed beside me this morning while I push out all the farts that resulted from that milk and then follow me to the potty and enjoy the sounds of all that poo exploding out of my fat ass! Too bad you couldn’t smell it, it was rank!

Mistress Roberta – Look Under My Toilet Sit Preparing Your Breakfast-pov

Today my toilet slave you will have a very nice surprise having a very close view of preparing your breakfast and you will also have an healthy creamy soft breakfast .


Hot shitting and peeing on little slave!

Black Beautiful College Girl Kisha Shits In The Public Place

Black beautiful college girl Kisha shits in the public place