Girl Shitting Metmucil

Watch Me Shit

I do a close-up on my ass and I watch you shit

Ms Jenkins Has No Aim Whatsoever!!!

I have heard of lactose intolerant, but have you ever heard of Apple Juice Intolerant?! Ms Jenkins might have just stole the crown from Renee for messiest woman on Ladies Keeping It Funky with this one!! Enjoy as Ms Jenkins takes you through her messiest, nastiest clip yet!!! Enjoy seven of the Funkiest Clips I have ever released as this girl just goes to the next level!!! Man Had I been Missing Ms Jenkins – Told folks that this might be the ‘one’ for this site. Didn’t ask her to do this, but it came naturally!! Some of these came in a rush and were a natual byproduct of rushing to get it out!! Damn she was runny!! These are the best Diarrhea clips I have ever seen – and true to Ms Jenkins fashion it’s – ALL KILLER NO FILTER!! No sitting around, 100% action and mess!! She’s taking the Squirts to the next level!!

Thick, Hard Turd

A thick hard sausage ball crawls out of my tight asshole. Do you like it, how to stretch my asshole and slowly squeezed through the brown chocolate?

Bowl Cam

Imagine looking up at that ass getting ready to drop poop in your face.