Girl Shitting Oldman

Morning Diarrhea

Kind of my beautiful ass is breathtaking. I slept while the slave was waiting for his morning feeding. I woke up and made him lick my legs, ass and pussy. It’s nice to get affection from the slave in the morning. All he wants now is to eat my morning shit! But this time I give it a little surprise – morning diarrhea! The slave tries to let it slides down its mouth but much of it ends up piled on its face. And as if my fragrant, liquid shit was not enough to beautify its face, I even add my spit. I make pathetic slave to eat my delicious shit.

Mistress Roberta -eat From My Smeared Leather Pants – Full

Today my slave will get the delice of the leather pants and he will worship them every inch and when he reaches the ass he will be so surprised by the farts he will get in the nose and i push his head against my ass so he can feel my fart better .After i order to my pot to lay down i go and pee on his cock and shit on his head filling the whole face with shit after i smear the leather pants with shit and order to my pot to lick clean the shit from my pants with his tongue and after i get bored of him i leave him to clean the place.

Mistress Roberta- Golden Nectar And Creamy Shit – Pov

Today your daily breakfast is golden nectar and creamy shit my toilet slave and i serve as always pee in the jar about half of it and shit on the floor so you can learn to eat like a worm .