Girl Shitting On Dick And Licks It Off

Filthy Star. Part 1.

If you have feeings of the nostalgia – this video will fufill these feelings completely. You know my name, remeber my videos and now I decided to return. So, no names only dirty games, only scat, fuck, hardcore and endless filthy mind games full of domination and desperation.So, what you are going to see here? Shock on my face, scat sex of all kinds, lots of shit and extreme action. Real Filthy Star.

Man’s Mouth Is Two Dominatrixes’ Toilet! – Full Movie

Expecting for a good time, this man went with this sweetheart to her home! However, after he took off her skirt and panties, she suddenly lays him on his back and peed on his face and mouth! When she couldn’t release anymore, she feeds him with her pussy! By the time she gets satisfied, a different woman makes an appearance! At first, she smothers him with her crotch, but shortly after, she takes off her underwear and urinates on his face! When she could no longer release anymore, she rubs her vagina on his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to lick it clean! Though, she isn’t done yet, she later stands up and pees on him again! Then, for the last time, she feeds him with her dripping vagina until she gets completely satisfied!

Mistress Gaia – Cream Of Shit And Spit

The slave is ready to eat my shit. So, after having ordered him to sniff my ass, I start to feed him. He eats everything, and to make more pleasing her meal I make soft the shit that he has in his mouth with my spits, in order to make it a tasty and fragrant cream.

Enormous Shit In Bathtub While Washing

Mistress wanna showering in a blue catsuit today. She dress in her perfect hosiery catsuit and fingering herself in bathtub. She urge to pee and shit also so she relieve herself into bathtub. A huge and enormous shit landed ionto bathtub and Godess was relieved. After that she take all shit and show it to camera to can see what you will eat today ! She wash herself and become more and more horny . . . The perfect Gypsy Godess